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Maasa Techno Systems launches School Management Software

Maasa Techno Systems is pleased to announce the release of "School Management Software" by the end of this month. School Management Software is an easy-to-use web based solution showcasing a wide range of features offering high performance for all departments in the school to constitute relationship among them and drive superior results. The authorized users can have access to the integrated database from anywhere and at any time. The system promotes efficiency, user satisfaction and collaboration of different departments.

School Management Software makes it easy for quick and accurate allocation or maintenance of information about the students and enquiries generated which extensively increases the ability of school administration. The system is a multi-user system which takes care and is responsible for entire administrative cycle from starting and going much more beyond.

With the launch of our School Management Software, it has now become the best single platform in terms of:

  • Transparency in school operations
  • It provides complete automation of staff administration
  • Gives a web enabled interface to the users i.e. Students, Faculty, Administrators and parents.
  • School ERP is a web based application
  • Online registration, easy follow-up and admission
  • Instant access to required information
  • Inter academic performance analysis of the students and staff
  • Helps in managing financial accounting
  • Easy availability of notices & circulars
  • Timely SMS

Target Schools:

  • School size with strength less than 1200

Maasa Techno Systems, ignited with passion, continues to lead the industry in innovation with its professional applications. Maasa Techno Systems is leading and fastracking the digital media revolution with its latest technological platforms to build cutting-edge School Management Software/ERP, My Message Software and My Communication APP solutions and has entered the market in school ERP.

Please contact Maasa Techno Systems for more details about this software, including the benefits it will provide for the users/purchasers, along with where it can be purchased and/or downloaded.

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