My Message Software


My Message Software

These day messaging has become an easy and affordable means of communication, so the Schools have been taking an advantage of this means to communicate with the parents in keeping them informed about their children’s attendance, fee, examination dates and school events etc.,

It’s a bulk SMS activity that they are adapting. This feature of messaging system has it limitations in send the information. For example; it doesn’t give a facility to send the bulk messages by specifying the students’ name or messaging the information of different areas specifically to the each student. Keeping this drawback of messaging system in view; Maasa Techno Systems has come up with a dynamic ideological messaging system called “My Messaging Software”.

“My Message Software” is a powerful tool where the school has a wide scope in sending the information of different areas of the students specifying their names and class while sending the messages to all the parents in one shot (a bulk messaging system).

The recorded activity/information of each students like; attendance, fee, examination dates, marks, progress reports, school holidays, class events, and other school events etc., can be sent to all the parents of school in a bulk messaging method my using My Message Software which specifies the student’s name and class in the message that’s being sent.

This type of message which has been mentioned by the students name and class personalizes the message and gives the impression of personal message to the parents when they receive it. And eventually it creates a professional approach and quality means of communication.

Our product “My Message Software”; is quite suitable tool for all small school who can’t spend or invest a big amount in purchasing a complete software of School Management System and this is the best replacement Software to a bulk SMS tool.

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