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The Best School Management Software for the Best School Management System

My School My Soft is complete school automation software that manages and simplifies daily school tasks. This software eliminates duplication of work and effectively manages the entire school administration tasks. Manage your school with the most advanced, powerful and intuitive school management software. My School My Soft empowers educational institutions to focus on delivering high-quality education by automating all the administrative tasks in the most efficient manner for the best school management system in place.

Ever wished that you could manage all administration of your school at your fingertips with a single click! Send notifications to parents, teachers, staff and students or manage school information at the touch of a button? Now you can! The My School Management Software is a user friendly application which makes interacting with the school a breeze.

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By using this unique software; school management system would have a bouquet of services at their fingertips. The software would serve as the one place for all student related information and operations.

The Best School Management Software is here to bring the whole school administration much closer to you. This software is a dedicated, dynamic, success oriented single window interaction with the best of user experiences and all the basic functionalities such as Student & Staff management, Academics, Finance, Examination, SMS sending, Invertory, Transport and Hostel management etc., to run best school management system.

Also, Parents can avail the following services from the software:

  • School Notifications
  • Fee Due and Payment alerts
  • Student Attendance messages
  • Progress reports
  • Digital Diary

Our software has been developed after an in-depth analysis of the requirements of various education institutes and in close coordination with the educationists, chartered accountants and quality management personals of distinction, to help you to run all your Institute related functions in more effective, efficient and productive manner. We would like to point out that our goal is to ensure environment of continued learning through experiences and opportunities. To minimize the efforts of the management, teachers, staff, parents and every member of the school going that extra mile that requires fine balance and focusing mainly on carrying out effectively by providing a non-negotiable academic learning environment for every student.

The making of the Best School Management Software, is a journey that has been highly enriching to everyone associated. Our software is a blend of inspiration and experience. This software believes in quality and excellence in every aspect of deliverable, a lot of emphasis has been given to finest detailing keeping in mind the excellence and moments of unearthing treasures that is showcased by every child of the school.

We ensure that, "No school is left behind". Together we can make a difference. Download the school management software now and be in control of your school administration with the Best School Management System.

Core Attributes:

Student Management

School Management Software program monitors the students' whole registration process. Staff can simply add, update, and also view all reports which provide complete information of a student's admission process.

Academic Management

School management Software program features to record and maintain a complete history of a student. The management will be able to track and monitor the progress chart of students by viewing marks, henceforth knowledge and the learning levels of students are analyzed and know.

Examination Management

A detailed track of the students’ progress in school examinations can be monitored by parents and teacher by viewing their test scores and marks online with is module.

Finance Management

For any school, the management of fee has been a critical task. Now this task for the management has become simple with the School Finance Management module. At this module the entire student base fee payments are been recorded and can be completely tracked. Generating receipts for the fee payments and cancellations is also a facility at this module.

Report Management

Advanced analytical reports are generated for the user to help in making a better decision at supply of specific needs of an academic institution.

Staff Management

Manage or bulk upload teaching-staff & non-teaching-staff like., Principal, Admin, Accountant & Teacher.

Timetable Management

Managing a school timetable has been a difficult task since ages. But now; it’s easy to setup a timetable and maintain according to the academic regulations with help of Timetable Management module.

Hostel Management

All the activities of the school hostel; stock of hotel items, supplies, allocation of rooms, student activities residing at school hostel as such are been well managed with Hostel Management module of My School My Soft.

Attendance Management

One of the important functions of the school is keeping an update record of students’ attendance all the time. At this module, the attendance of the students is been tracked and the list of the students is kept as per the specified attendance requirement.

Message Management

Send student attendance to parent mobile, and how to customize default message, sending own message and multi-language messages. Fee due amount, Marks and any event or notification in bulk to parent mobile.

Transport Management

Manage bus routes, creating stops, stop timings, seat availability and PDF reports. And Fuel Management, Vehicle Service tracking and Tyre Management.

Keeping records, storing data and streamlining academic processes are the prime functions of a School. Hence a to run an effective school management it requires a diligent comprehensive tool such as School Management Software that can be most helpful in all the above functionalities in running a School. As every academic process is efficiently automated at the School Management Software, it is has become a business prerequisite to invest in a suitable School Management System now-a-days.


  • Admission and easy follow-up at Online Registration.
  • Administration & academic process are been made better at school management.
  • MY SCHOOL MY SOFT/ERP is an on premise (offline) and web based (online) Application.
  • User friendly and easy-to-use, Security at High Level
  • Specific SMS Alerts are been sent by using an Integrated Bulk SMS Software.
  • Better interaction between parents, teachers and management.
  • Fast process and high memory with efficient computing centralized storage.
  • School Notices and other activities are integrated at Academic Calendar.
  • Special feature: Remind me - tracks and reminds you of important events before they occur.
  • The school operations are been transparent. Their ward’s progress are been kept updated to the parents.

Quantitative Advantages:

  • Cost savings from phased-out legacy systems
  • Enhances Education and Learning Processes
  • Automates Crucial Functions
  • Boosts Efficiency as well as Performance
  • Big Cost Savings in Person-hours

Qualitative Benefits:

  • Process integrity and data are improved.
  • Improves operational safety and security.
  • Transparency and accountability has been strengthen.
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