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My Communication App

As you know communication plays an important role in not only building relationships but also to maintaining and keep them live. A good communication is important not only between family, friend, and relatives and in the society, but also with the teachers of children is much more important so parent may keep themselves aware of their children’s track at school.

Parent keeping themselves aware of their child’s education and behavior is important. Children spend most of their time in the day at their schools, and are the parents not interested to know the whereabouts of their children spent time of their day in their absence…?

Yes indeed, they are interested; but may be lack of proper means of communication or lack of time they are unable to keep themselves involved.

Now-a-day’s parents and teachers both are busy with their daily schedules to call or email each other. And also it’s been difficult to communicate with the family members while they drop or pickup their children at school. In this scenario My Communication App makes communication easy with parents.

My School My Soft provides more specified features of communication with teacher-parent and teacher-student. At My Communication App, a teacher has a facility to chat with a single student or can broadcast a common message to the whole class. So, it save time and energy for the teachers and the chatting is also possible in broader aspect to message all the students at the same time same message. Any parent can be privately messaged by the teacher or share an announcement on class stories or instantly share videos and photos. Students in their own digital portfolios have a facility to share their work too.

Track the student development by aligning your classroom observation and assignments with your curriculum; this can be easily shared with their families too. This app includes attendance tracking, digital dairy for daycare programs, specially designed tools for school and much more…

A real-time communication sending home includes student’s behavior and work.

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